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03-16-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by PJStock View Post
Is Gina Lynn from Philadelphia or something? Jesus, it looks like the entire team has tried her already... I honestly wouldn't touch her, not my type. Unless I were wasted, perhaps

As well, isn't there a contract that active pornstars have to honour, something along the lines of "I will not have sexual interactions with anyone outside of the business?" Upshall might have given her more than just some fun those couple nights...

I mean, there are pretty strict regulations/STD checks in the porn business, from what I've heard.
I know we are talking about the USA... but still, contracts regarding who/who you cannot sleep with, pretty sure you cannot consent to human rights being taken away/restricted by contract even there! As a (almost... just 8 more month or so!) future (hopefully) human rights lawyer, that makes me shudder.

Pretty sure they have checks before every film. The studios could be in big **** if they did not and someone caught something.

I agree with you as well about not touching her... I wouldn't sleep with her if she threw herself on me. (maybe if drunk) Face is meh, and really not a fan of plastic people... plus she is short, and not a brunette. Over here in europe she would be below average, like 4 or 5 out of 10... in my eyes anyway.

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