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I just don't have it in me to rip Capuano. He's been in over his head, and I really think he does the best he can, but he's inexperienced, and it shows. But with that said, I can't hold it against him.

Do I want him back next season? No, but I shudder to think who his replacement could be. It could be Brent Thompson, which might not be bad, he seems to have an edge to him. But I feel very comfortable saying that the Islanders will not hire an established NHL coach.

As for Capuano, he seems like a good guy. That doesn't make him a good coach, necessarily, but he seems like a decent man. It kind of bothers me that some fans dig at him for his weight. It has nothing to do with how he coaches the team. I don't really like how he coaches the team, either, but there's no reason to get personal about it. There's no reason to believe that he's not doing his best. He didn't take this job to fail. He took this job because it was given to him. He's not confrontational, he seems like he wants to be liked at doesn't want to upset anyone, but these are some traits that a good head coach needs. I think he could be a good assistant coach, kind of like Craig Patrick, the good cop, if you will, while the head coach is being the *****. I'm not going to tell anyone to stop doing this or stop doing that, but think about whether or not the fact that he's not a good head coach makes him a bad person.
Wait a second, we can't say "*****"? What about if I ***** my finger? What's with the censorship, eh?

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