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Originally Posted by SidGenoMario View Post
-MAF will have more than just wins, he'll have great stats and at least one Cup.
-MAF most assuredly isn't seen as one of the best goalies in the league? Not sure how much truth there is to that right now. Anyways, next year I guarantee you he'll be considered one of the best.
-MAF will retire in the top 10 in wins, ahead of guys like Osgood and Vernon. He could be in the top 10 by his early to mid 30's. He won't even need to be have Brodeur-esque to have good win totals. Because of the shootout, win totals will mean less, and we'll have a few guys with 400+ wins, but still, I'd bet that MAF will end up with a lot of wins, good stats, and at least 2 Cups.
when you use the word "stats" and separate it from something like "wins", I assume you mean more "personal" stats like save percentage.

But he doesn't have great "stats". His career sv% of .910 is just one point above the league average throughout his career.

Osgood played until he was 38 and maintained a sv% smack dab on the league average throughout his career. We like to call him a "passenger" and maybe he was as far as a strong team like Detroit was concerned, but he was an average NHL goalie for a long time. (edit: he was actually two points ahead through age 35, before his last three abysmal regular seasons wrecked his career average)

Fleury, with one cup and marginally better personal stats maintained over half the length of time, has a long way to go before he gets close to matching Osgood's legacy, and most of us scoff at the idea of Osgood getting in the hall.

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