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03-16-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Yes Gilbert may have a better stamina if that's what you are arguing. At the same time we also aren't arguing apples to apples. The Minny defenses that Schultz played on and that Gilbert is playing on are completely different. So that could be the reason why Schultz didn't play more in Minny because they actually had other legit d-men.

At the same time in Edmonton and to a lesser extent, Petry didn't play as many significant minutes with Gilbert than he is now with Schultz. One thing that is for certain is that Petry was gradually taking minutes away from Gilbert and Gilbert this year also played much of the year with an absent Ryan Whitney while Schultz joined the team with a much improved Petry and a team with Whitney in the line-up.

Regardless of how you slice it you're argument is arguing apples to apples.

Yeah, I pointed it out around the time of the trade that Gilbert's minutes, but EV and on special teams were being eroded from February onward and almost all being gobbled up by Petry and a returning whitney.

Gilbert's minutes in edmonton in february were pretty much the same as what schultz is getting NOW.

Gilbert was playng significantly more minutes at the beginning of the year, sure, but when petry started to crank it up and whitney started to actually play hockey he was the one whose minutes were dialed back.

Whether people agree with it or not the organization probably thought that Schultz and Gilbert were at least on par with each other, but, as has been stated in this thread before, that the tipping point was Schultz's playstyle being more of a "fit" in a general sense.

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