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Originally Posted by vivianmb View Post
the ISLES and flyers had a LOT of line/bench clearing brawls back in the day.(70's-80's)Dave Brown???LOL PFFT!!! chicrun,berube,it seemed like every year the flyers brought up the next dave shultz .just to try and better the ISLES. funny thing is most couldnt beat Nystrom, and the few that did got pounded by Gillies.(who also "destroyed" shultz!)
only guy they had who was as good as Gillies, was Behn Wilson. HE is the toughest FLYER EVER IMHO!
Uhhh, actually Schultz beat Gillies once and Gillies beat Schultz once. Wilson beat Gillies pretty badly. Other than those two, the only Flyers Gillies fought were Dupont, Hospador, and Harvey Bennett. Gillies wasn't around to fight any of the Flyers late 80s tough guys like Berube and Brown who were much tougher than the aforementioned fighters. There's no doubt in my mind that both Berube and Brown could have beaten Gillies. And as for Nystrom, he hardly ever actually fought the true tough guys of the Flyers. When he did fight Cochrane however, he had his butt handed to him THREE TIMES. I'm not sure where you got your statistics from....You seem to believe that the Isles were constantly beating up on the Flyers, which is a joke.

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