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Originally Posted by Halakalakaboom View Post

I think it's worth debating, because both players had to work hard and to persevere to perform this year. I personnaly think Patches deserve it, because it was realistically almost a career-ending injury. He could've came back afraid of contacts.

On the other hand, people that are surprised that DD made it to the NHL are clueless at evaluating talent. DD had a freaking 375 points total in the Q. DD was tearing it up in the ECHL and AHL. Even if he wasn't drafted, scouts had him on their radar, and they invited him to camps and gave him his chance. Yes that's perseverance, but it's not like he was left out with nothing out there. Plenty of undrafted players are performing in the NHL, that dosen't make them worthy of the Masterton award automatically.

Why is this becoming a anglo vs french issue is mind boggling. Some people need to remove their fanboy glasses. This is an interesting debate and saying 'RT is a moron' just proves you are an idiot.
did you read Tremblay's column? If DD was David Smith from BC do you 1. think Tremblay even raises the issue, 2. writes the same column even if he did? Tremblay is a xenophobe and the fact that he has a valid argument overall that DD could be considered is, in his case, nothing more than a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

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