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03-16-2012, 11:44 AM
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Again, don't hate the player, hate the game. It will surely turn into some DD hatefest around here just because of freakin Tremblay once again.

Besides, the debate is there. It's not like DD has 3 points. The guy that never was drafted because he was too small as talented as he was. Destroyed every league he was in and now despite people still not believing in him, does what he's doing right now. Don't look, but it is what the Masterton is also build for.

What Tremblay does though is that he totally destroy his argument with a whole lot of nonsense right after. Don't look at that, just look at the fact that DD is indeed a Masterton candidate. And if the accident doesn't happen to MP, DD is OUR candidate.

Mind you, I also agree with RT on the fact that we haven't done a good enough job in the Q, but that you knew it already. Yet, I will always disagree on the fact that he's not giving the credit to the Habs for inviting DD. At one point he says that we don't draft Q players, in 2004 we did, and yet he ridiculizes it. Then he goes on by saying that it's not his fault if we lost Grabs and Streit but then says towards the end that for whoever wants to defend Timmins, well we haven't won anything in 10 years....okay so at one point you're saying that he's not bad...that it's not his fault if those guys were traded, yet, it's his fault if we haven't won anything? Tremblay at his best not making any sense. Yet, I am able to forget about the messenger and see that there are a couple of things in there that is worth considering. What most people in here will do is see who speaks, and immediately throw it in the garbage. Makes no sense to me. Possible that 7/8 of an article makes no sense, but at least, it could be worth talking about the 1/8 who does. Unless we want to start 3 threads about the day that Sundin will be a Hab....

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