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03-16-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by theoil View Post
Ah, gratuitous insults spiced with ageism. I like it. About what I would expect.

Desjardins does a lot of good work. Unfortunately his acolytes seem a little too ideologically predisposed to take too seriously.

I also remember once upon a time forcing Tyler Dellow to admit - after seriously impressive prevarication attempts - that he had never taken a statistics course in his life. I've never bothered to ask Lowetide what his math qualifications look like. I won't bother with the guys at C&B because if you can't say something nice what is tht point. And I can't.

But to be serious - which may be a waste of time - Gilbert was a decent second pairing guy (closer to a #4 than a #3 dman on a middling team). Nothing more, nothing less. And the Oilers are short of guys even that good so it isn't like he was a throwaway.

We got back a guy that is much better than Gilbert in his own end who actually knows how to play defence positionally. If you can't see that or haven't bothered to watch I'm sorry. Madeup stats don't change that. When you look at time on ice for this team this year I am not convinced that that represents a legitimate standard for evaluation either. Tambellini either made this trade with Renney's blessing or with the knowledge that what Renney thinks of it is inconsequential so TOI is moot.

It is about balance and the Oilers needed somebody that knows how to play that role properly if for no other reason than that the kids coming will benefit.

And Gilbert and Schultz are basically the same age so I have no idea how that is an issue.
Good post.

Thats exactly what my eyes were seeing on the ice as well with Gilbert. Apparently actually watching the game carries little weight with some people these days.

Gilbert was as you described him...a top 4 dman who didn't do anything with excellence. Not a throw away player by any means especially with the sorry defence this team has but the time I have watched Schultz this season with the Wild and the Oilers they got exactly who I thought they were getting. A strong skating defensive top 4 dman who consistently makes good positional decisions and is adept at moving the puck. The consistency is very important IMO because that wasn't a quality you could attribute to Gilbert.
Inconsistency has been this teams Achilles heel and players like Schultz help to change that equation.

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