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03-16-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
OK, here's the deal. I'm going to slam your head into a piece of steel at 30 MPH. You're going to break your neck, and be unconscious and concussed.

Now. Here's what you do:

You recover from this terrifying, life threatening injury.

You play despite your family asking you not to.

You work your ass off to get back in shape after losing ten pounds of sweat and muscle in the hospital in 3 weeks.

You re-make your NHL club from scratch, 6 months later.

You score 30-35 goals while the biggest toughest meanest sons of *****es in the most violent professional league and sport in the world are trying to take your head off, every game.


DD? DD? Did you say DD?

Not sure if serious?

I love DD. But There is no question here. Why is this even a question? I bet you know why. Why don't you tell us what this is really about? Go ahead. Tell us. Tell us what you're really thinking. Be honest for once.

Because DD does not deserve a Masterton in any way. Not at all, ever. Not even close.

Bill Masterton DIED playing the Game. Pax came damn close to dying playing the game.

DD is short and worked hard.

The Masterton is ONLY about recovering from injury, and bravery. It' not about 'trying hard'. Jeezus H.

I can't wait until the Nords get a new franchise. God almighty.
Reality check. How many players this year will get a nomination from their team and have NOT suffered the type of injury or any type of injuries Pacioretty got? While a lot of the past winners were about coming back from injuries, other winners, before let say Charlie Simmer, has won it without coming back from serious injuries. Just that it transformed into it as the years passed by. Could be the easiest way to give it. Yet, in a league where everybody thought you would never make it. Mind you, in every league where you'd thought to be too small to play in it, you do and you succeed. So tell me how that's not perseverance over a freakin long period of time? Tell me how that's not dedication to the game? Maybe giving it to DD would have actually be a good way to give to that trophy a little of what it was in the past.

Besides, it wouldn't be the first trophy that would have been hijacked. Nobody suggest any of those winners aren't good defensive players, but was the Selke really meant to be given to superstars like Datsyuk? Or more about the Draper's of this world? Mind you, I'm not saying to not give it to Datsyuk ever, you do have to recognize the defensive work. But maybe, they should be more diversified about it and try to acknowledge the other guys that will never win any other kind of trophies ever. Just like how there should be a Norris for really great 2-way defensive defencemen

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