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During a house league game in Bantam, I was carrying the puck up the boards past the penalty box when a guy on the other team hit me. I went through the gate and landed in the penalty box.

We had this guy on my Midget B team, this was back in 2008, and we were at provincials out in St. John's. We had been down 2-0 to Mount Pearl until the 3rd period and we needed to win to move into the medal round. We were kind of tense, so being the captain I tried to loosen the atmosphere with some rambling foolishness, turned on some music in the room, just tried to get the mood a little more positive. As we skate back on the ice, this guy who was my D partner skates over and says "Man, we're going to lose, nobody is taking this seriously", I just say to him that we're looser, more relaxed, we're going to play our game and come back. He says "whatever" and skates away disgusted. Anyway, we fight back and tie the game at 2. With about 1 minute left there's a faceoff in our zone, our centreman loses the draw and misses tying up his man. Mount Peal's defenceman takes a shot which is heading straight into our goalie's chest, square in the logo. This jackass defenceman on my team steps up to block the shot put is too scared to get in front of it so he puts out his stick. The puck deflects straight up and over our goalie's head (the goalie is now in a panic trying to find the damn puck), it lands on the goal line and slides into the net. Our defenceman/pro shot blocker turns around and throws his gloves and stick into the corner and shouts F&%K. Everyone stops, including the celebrating team to stare at him. He comes back to the bench and says to "told you we would lose" and has never forgiven the goaltender, to this day he says that poor guy is the worst goaltender he ever played with.

A few weeks before that same guy was playing on my house league team. He screwed up something on his shift so he comes toward the bench and signals for a change. I stand up to hop over the boards when he takes his stick and fires it toward the bench. He misses the bench, nails the glass with his stick which proceeds to bounce straight back at him as he skates forward. He tries to dodge it, but it nails him square in the face, stuns him and he falls over. I laughed so hard I forgot to jump on the ice and we ended up shorthanded for about a minute.

One more for good measure: Growing up, our biggest rival was the B team from Corner Brook. One year in Peewee we were at a tournament and doing pretty bad, we lost every game actually. On the last day, Corner Brook was sitting in position for the gold medal game with no games remaining. The only team that could catch them was Gander, who needed to win by 13 against us to move ahead. We went out and proceeded to roll over and surrender 13 goals. When it got to 10-0 they would run the clock between whistles. The Corner Brook guys were there and constantly threw stuff on the ice, trying to cause stops in play and force the clock to run out before we could give up 3 more goals. It didn't work, we finished last but took them down with us. Just for the record, we ended up beating Gander at provincials that year 1-0, so we weren't actually that bad.

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