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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You don't consider it the least bit dubious that you're resorting to a contrived notion of what would fail in a high school logic course to support your argument?

C'mon. You can raise better argument than the above to support your position.

As for the "better fit" the trouble with that line of thinking is its a fit to a team mired in second last place. It isn't a known fit to what a contending team here would look like. Whether its a good fit to stem some leaks on the titanic is irrelevant to a notion of progress. The question being is this player a fit in relation to where we have to be to approximate a competitive side going forward.

What indication is there of that?

As Misfit indicated earlier the Oilers haven't even improved in any meaningful way at the position. If anything they've given up an average 4mins of serviceable top4 D/night due to Gilbert consistently logging much more minutes and resulting in the team having to grant scrubs like Peckham and Potter more. Which isn't fixing any leaks.
Schultz is a defensive defenseman whose role is to anchor the defense when he's on the ice, so far he's been solid in that capacity, making very few mistakes and also contributing some offensively. He can play either side which gives us flexibility, it is not the players fault that the coach has overplayed the hell out of his pet Potter and underutilized him.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Then explain why Minny is giving Gilbert even more minutes than we were giving him and about 5-6 more minutes/game than they were giving Schultz.

One thing missing in the equation is that Gilbert ALWAYS logged the top minutes on his team anywhere he played and is a thoroughbred from the perspective of eating minutes.

One way to look at it is with Gilberts 24minutes you get 5 more minutes of not having to look at players like Sutton, Peckham, Potter, Barker, now Whitney. The 19mins Schultz is logging is pretty much what you get. His minutes have regularly been lower than Gilberts.
Minny has traded off D, it'd be like if we moved Smid, etc. Besides after a 31 minute night Gilbert has played 23 and 21 minutes respectively in their last 2 games AND he gets PP time despite not being very good at it.

Originally Posted by MrForever View Post

This is truth.
Yeah it was a great post, short and straight to the point.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I not arguing this. If anythign I'm saying its early. My position matches Misfit. We didn't appreciable improve our D position. Its a lateral move imo.
In your eyes we didn't, it doesn't make it so. Petry takes up more minutes and Schultz becomes our 2nd anchor on defense with Smid. Now we need to add another puck mover, something that Gilbert never grew into.

Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
If Petry didn't bloom, where would Schultz be? Possibly in Gilberts spot.

Of course if Petry didn't improve they wouldn't have made the trade.
Petry is a stud, it didn't take him long to blow by Gilbert and make him expendable. Schultz is a veteran rock that can help break in and mentor the young D on this club.

Originally Posted by theoil View Post
Thanks. I know I shouldn't be so snarky but, my god, surely the fact that all NHL teams employ scouts is some kind of clue that statistical analysis is a supplementary source of analysis - not a primary one.
Well the numbers said that RNH couldn't score at evens and couldn't score goals at this level so you know they must be right.....

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