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Originally Posted by Capitaine Gionta View Post
Didn't Arpon Basu tweet the same?
Yes and actually quite a lot of people think this way, but it seems HF boards wannabe experts know better. Pacioretty is obviously the first one that comes to mind because of his concussion.

Though, by definition: "...given to the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey."

Scratch sportsmanship from the Pacioretty arguments as he himself inflicted a concussion to Kris Letang, and unless you are biased toward the Habs or are just stupid, you can't deny it was a vicious blindside hit. He's been improving on the 'complaining' part over the past weeks, but he needs to think before saying stuff to the media or on twitter that he'll regret afterwards.

If you look at it this way, Desharnais was undrafted, kept working hard even though everybody told him he'll never play in the NHL because he was too small, was among the best of the best in each of his junior teams, never complains about his wingers, never complains about not producing (because he always produces), he's not dirty, rarely goes to the penalty box, he always shows up and give his 110%, he stole the first line spot off Plekanec, he's a beast on PP, is 4/7 in shootouts (now that is remarkable lol).... and this only on his second season in the NHL.

I'm not saying that Pacioretty does not deserve it. In fact I'd give it to him in a symbolic way, just to put an end to the Chara-Pacioretty incident and not make the whole province of Quebec go into a riot (looks like we're good at it). But yes, he of course deserves it, scoring 30 goals after a hit like that is pretty good, but the guy was already on a very good pace before that hit, so he's not exactly challenging the odds here. Chances are he would have done it anyway...

Just pointing to the fact that it is possible for people to have a different (and valuable) opinion than the one the HF boards posters are pushing in your brain.

I mean seriously, what's not telling me any of you guys are fat virgins sitting in front of the computer all day long in underwear, in their parents' basement? What credibility do you got? How can you possibly make more sense than experienced journalists (I'm not saying they all are) who cover the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL for a living? How can you not understand the simple definition of this trophy?

Pac and DD are both excellent choices for the Masterton trophy, you should be happy about that instead of debating on this stupid thread. Thanks, I'm out.

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