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02-11-2006, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by leclairsavestheday
Uh i dont usually post here but your ignorance is amazing. Listen, he didnt compare them he was referencing Gretzky as the person who selected the players to Team Canada. I guess simple sentence structure isnt your strong point, and for that matter neither is hockey analysis. You dont accidently stay in the top 5 in goals all year by accident. As long as you are comparing statistics why dont you throw in time on ice, time on powerplay, and hey why not all the rule changes? Gagne's path was cleared when the flyers got rid of players on the top lines(Recchi, LeClair, Roenick, Amonte) Thusly he has rose to the occasion. And unlike other amazing goal scorers (Kovalchuk) he plays defense, and he plays it very well. But im sure youve considered all this.

These are real good points that don't get brought up nearly enough. Most automatically assume Gagne's numbers are soley attributed to Forsberg. While Forsberg has no doubt helped Gagne's production, let's not forget the other factors mentioned above (rule changes, getting rid of the dead weight, etc). He has an A for a reason. I think Gagne gets a bum rap sometimes because he isn't as physical as some would like, which admittedly frustrates me from time to time, but that is not his game.

I would love to see Philly land Luongo and/or Jokinen, but am not sure Florida would move either, or if we could afford either (let alone both). We'd have to put together a pretty darn good package. Even though Gagne is not as physical as I would like him to be, I wouldn't want him to be included in that package if it were to happen. I'm not his biggest fan, but we definitely need him.

Still would be great to get Luongo and Jokinen. Jokinen would be a perfect replacement for Primeau and we'd be lights out defensively with Luongo in goal. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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