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03-16-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
LOTS of players forgotten in the list of superstars outside top 30... only 24 ? really...
If that's the case, then I just used a different standard for "superstar" than you would prefer to. That means that Greschner, Fleury, Kiprusoff, Elias, Chara, and B.Richards made the cut. Alfredsson, Goring, Taylor, Vernon, Zubov, and below that did not.

You can disagree with where the cutoff should lie, and even on which players should be above and below said cutoffs (I definitely disagree with these rankings in a lot of ways; my knowledge of all players has increased exponentially since joining the all-time drafts)

But rest assured that the same difficult standard applied to all blocks of picks, not just sub-top-30. Regardless of which cutoff you choose, and regardless of which players you shuffle around above and below those cutoffs, the relationship is undeniably linear.

Again: top-5: 35/160 = 22%
6-10: 14/160 = 9%
11-30: 23/672 = 3%
31 and beyond: 30/6141 = 0.4%

no amount of fudging could ever generate this plainly obvious relationship.

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