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OK I'll go for it.

1.) Why you are a fan of the game of hockey first and foremost.
Best sport on earth: the combination of skill, speed, strength; the many different facets complete players need & use within one shift, one play, simultaneously; the passion, the mythic culture around it; the differing opinions you find among fans; all of it. I love college football, but nothing like hockey.

2.) How did you become a fan of the game
3rd generation fan, my kids are the 4th.

3.) When did you start following the game
Birth. Consciously, about 4 or 5.

4.) your best memory of the game be it NHL AHL minor hockey NCAA WC Olympic etc.
1 - Habs obliterating Flyers in 76, revolutionising the sport
2 - Guy tying it up v Boston in the semis, ha ha.
3 - That final game at home in 93, the 3rd period atmosphere.
4 - Skrudland heart-attacking the Flamers in OT.
* - Koivu back from cancer ovation, though not strictly a hockey moment so honourable mention.
Lots more...

5.) Did you play hockey as a kid
Yes, defense.

6.) Do you follow the same team as your parents if your parents follow the game at all?
Same team, grandfather's as well.

7.) Do you find the Olympics as exciting as the NHL? What do you think of the WJHC?
Olympics not even close if the Habs are in the playoffs. WJHC I only look out for Hab prospects and Michigan players.

8.) If you are not from Canada or the US how did you get involved in following the sport and did you start before you moved here if you moved here? If not how did you get interested in the game in your country?

9.) Are you a fan of your hometown team or a fan of a team in another city?
Hometown team.

10.) This is for fans from teams that may no longer be in those cities in which you originaly followed AKA Quebec Atlanta Cleveland Oakland etc. How did you feel when your team arrived? How did you feel when your team left?

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