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03-16-2012, 02:30 PM
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i think ppl who question Dubis work ethic are clueless imho. Dubi always seems to give his max effort. he just doesnt always play smart. There's a big difference. Dubis biggest problem is between his ears, not in his chest. kid is a warrior. i like dubi a lot. i just dont think hes played smart this season. dumb play=demotion. demotion=crappier linemates. crappier linemates=lower production.

Dubis numbers, in the past, were more about what his linemates did than him. he WAS an excellent filler player. you could put him next to an elite player, and he wouldnt hurt that play, that player would elevate his game.

like if you put Hagelin with Gabby and Richards, they are elevating his play. However if you put Hagelin with Rupp and Boyle, he's going to be a 4th liner incapable of raising their play.

Dubi used to be the same way...except now, you cant even do that because of how dumb hes played.

i wonder how much his contract is weighing on him. he makes a ton of money, and isnt producing...every game, i bet, wears on him more. he loves being a Ranger...he puts a lot of pressure on himself. the more he tries, the worse he plays because he tries to become what hes not. as skill player. he needs to be the supplemental player who does the dirty work FOR the skilled players.

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