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Originally Posted by SilverHaireDevil View Post
Over the period of time that Schultz has played for the wild, they have owned the Oilers in the face, Gilbert has played more minutes to be sure but has something like half the NHL games played that Schultz does. Saying that look at who was playing defense in St.Paul over that stretch and look who was playing defense in Edmonton over that stretch. Gilbert played a lot more minutes because our defense frankly sucked the big one for a long time after Pronger left (and still does to some degree) whereas Minnesota had a pretty tight defensive core requiring a player like Schultz to not have to play 25-27 minutes a night.

I understand that Gilbert was playing much better this year, but how much of that can be attributed to Smid jacking his level up as well? and since the injury he received from Carcillo he was looking much as he had previous to this year. which had not been all that fantastic as our finishes in the last few years may attest.

I like Gilbert as much as the next Oilers fan, but he does not play for us anymore, no amount of breast beating and bemoaning the idiocy of management will change that. (you can still wear your Gilbert jersey) no one will mind.
Not sure what you're saying with the bolded because I don't want to assume but it could be a case of false attribution.

Myself I'd look at a well coached team with one of the best in the business, Lemaire at the helm teaching people like Schultz, and the whole team, how to play dedicated system play and team concept. Which is the reason Minny was beating our own version of chaos finding all these years.

I've singled out your post, don't take that personally, but because it reflects on the false attribution that imbues this whole player comparison.

You want to see something that was really impactful for a number of years precap in Minny? Look at Willie Mitchell playing solid rearguard in front of good ol Roli. Those two had it going in a big way, always wish we could have attracted Mitchell as well in 06. We would've won the SC.

Finally, and this should be the most depressing point, is Schultz had great learning from a great coach and good influences in a cohesive org from top to bottom that knew what it was doing and how to get there. Conversely Gilbert had the years of chaos from this organization that may have hindered his development. Theres a lot of different teams that would've utilized Gilbert better, and turned him into an even better player than he was when he left.

I worry sometimes how players that look really good here right now will look over the next few years here. Will they look better, the same, or worse?

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