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03-16-2012, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Sorry to go off topic here but what NHL teams would represent a market for Omark?

Superficially one would think that teams with a weak topsix could be interested. But most of those clubs aren't topheavy because they are low cap. Most of those clubs play system orientated hockey to survive out on the ice. Omark would be even less attractive to a club that has entertained the notion of system play. Especially considering he's not anywhere good enough to be the player you allow some carte blanche to.

I'm wondering what market there is. Winnipeg?
I would say Columbus, please enlighten me system they play. If they played one on Wednesday then they are in even more of a world of hurt than the Oilers who didn't.

Regardless this isn't even about that. It's about asset management. Maybe they know he's not worth anything and are trying to raise his value. None of us have any idea if Tambo got calls over the deadline for him. Regardless it's about asset management and the season is lost. It makes perfect sense to me to have him up here.

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