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11-16-2003, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Wpg Jets
Don't start with the Dunham isn't the problem crap! I know he is not but again the Rags are not winning so they need to spend some more money to try and fix it. So I fully expect to see Cujo and Yank-on my Jagr to the rags in the next couple of days! This team needs to realize that these expensive guys that other teams keep dumping and the Rags keep picking up are being traded for a reason!
ie Anus Carter-lazy and very inconsistant
Poti- This guy doesn't know if he sucks or rocks!
Rucinsky-This guy knows! He just sucks!
Mironov- A drunk! plan and simple!
and BTW Messier should've retired 2 years ago it's sad to waych him play now. You can see his depends through his hockey pants!
I prefer 'Jurassic Mark'. But he's playing better than he has in two years. So I don't know.

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