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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
With the exception that from the start I've maintained that one player move does nothing. Look at our record since we've had Schultz, look at the games we've lost and why we've lost. Schultz may well cut down on some of the mistakes through his own presence but even he's making them.
But the team will continue to endeavor to find losses as long as theres no buy in to system play. Or a team group that is even adept at system play. Starting with Dubnyk a player that years after the fact still hasn't learned simple communications with his D. Theres so many failboats on this club still that the achilles heel is still aching.

Its a bit of a joke to me that we trade for a guy like Schultz to shore up things defensively then we bring up guys like Omark to spring more leaks.

Maybe I don't understand the script. Or maybe there isn't one..

What an absolutely ridiculous way to look at this. Of course one trade typically doesn't vault your team up the standings, but you can't make 10 moves in a day either. Baby steps, you improve your team one bit at a time. To say making one move does nothing is simply to accept your fate and do absolutely nothing. And it IS doing something. We didn't bring this guy in here to fill the net. We brought him in to settle things down and give us a steady defensive presence. And he's done exactly that. Toruble is, he can't make up for Gagner or Hemsky's lack of production since he's been here. Yes, we'll miss Gilbert's 3 goals this year , but this team really needed to start getting some solid defencemen in here. And this is a great start.

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