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03-16-2012, 05:54 PM
It's gotta be true.
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Pretty good read on the situation, Coach.

From the sentiment i was hearing, i thought it might pass by a slim margin. But i'm not surprised it didn't. Seems to me that Saskatoon made a pretty rational choice: choosing less cost and time commitments in a system that isn't broken (i.e., a competitive league that produces elite players) instead of pursuing the Holy Grail of getting stomped on by BC and Alberta at Westerns.

Originally Posted by coach kleats View Post

I think if you read the info that the SMHA execs put out it seemed like they were trying to push the voters towards joining the league. From talking to a few parents it still seemed like the majority of people did not want to join the SBAAHL although i am guessing that the vote wasn't quite as one sided as it was before.

As for the disdain towards Stoon for not joining the league i don't quite understand it. The only reason to join would be so they can participate in provincials but under the current format it is unlikely that any Stoon team will win. On the flip side there are multiple reasons for them not to join the league. Travel, cost, development, time commitment, etc.

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