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03-16-2012, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by sepster View Post
I believe that move is called the "Boyd Devereaux"
someone had to continue that great tradition. cleary is carrying the torch.

Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
Couldn't have described it more accurately lol. It's funny, but it's so true.
cleary also has a variant where he is not really under pressure, but stands along the boards slightly hunched over, looks around, does not pass, looks down, moves slightly and looks around more.

a post i made from 2009 (2010 season):
Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
cleary still does something annoying in the offensive zone that i noticed last season.

he holds the puck on the boards, shields the puck, looks around, moves a little, misses opportunities to pass, looks around more, and then passes, or the other team knocks him off the puck and leaves the zone.

when he does that, he looks to me like a squirrel.

not as bad as it was last season with datsyuk and zetterberg, though.

from 2009 season:
recently, i was reading on RWC and i saw this.
While cleary has shown to be pretty adept at tipping pucks, I HATE HATE HATE the way he looks on the top line. He doesn't think the game as fast as homer, which sounds funny when I say it, but I think it's true.

I can't tell how many times I've seen this since cleary got put on the top line:

1 Cleary gets puck in offensive zone.
2 Cleary holds on to the puck
3 Cleary looks around
4 Cleary misses about 6 trillion chances to pass the puck
5 Cleary gets checked off the puck and we lose possession.

God damn it.

Homer knew what to do when he got the puck. Immediately pass to someone else and head for the front of the net, or put it down low for the cycle. That's all Pav and Z need. You'll get 30+ goals doing that.
i was laughing for 10 minutes.

i see the same things as that person sees, except i would put:

cleary shields the puck in the corner for 10 seconds.

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