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11-16-2003, 03:58 AM
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My point is simply that while a focus on disadvantaging the goalies may bring a certain increase in offense, focusing on the rules and the way the game is played would be a much more effective apporach to adding more excitement to the game, rather than simply upping the number of goals scored.

Also, the methods are not mutually exclusive. A more restrictive limit on goaltending equipment seems like a fairly easy change to implement, and will probbly happen, but it won't do anything to counter the highly effective trap schemes that rely on the extreme leniency of today's refereeing for their defensive success.

My only fear is that any "band-aid" implementation such as a widening of the nets or super-restrictions on goaltending equipment will lead to short-term success and more goals scored, which will hinder any attempts to correct the bigger issue -- the lack of offensively oriented play.

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