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11-16-2003, 04:49 AM
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While Kovalev has to step up..

so does the team. You can cite his -3 last night and I don't remember a goal against in which he could've done much. ANd here's a funny quote in the article:

Not when Kovalev has skated essentially all year with complementary pivot Petr (MIA) Nedved, not when Kovalev is leading the team's forwards in ice time overall and on the power play, where he does generally play the point. It's not on Sather that Kovalev can't get his shot through, not on Sather that Kovalev has two goals in his first 16 games while carrying a team-worst minus-5 rating.

OK, complementary pivot, Nedved. First, how effective can one person be with a pivot that's MIA. Second, I offer up that he's not complementary and it's counter-productive. Third, what about the other side of the ice, Jan (AHL) Hlavac.

The problem with Brooks' article is the problem with the Rangers and Brooks unknowingly supports it. How this team's individuals should play and succeed as individuals, not as a team. It's a total line problem, not a Kovalev problem. On the PP, it's a system problem, not a Kovalev problem.

Put Kovalev out there to Lundmark's right and have Rucinsky on the left and I bet he does better. Why? Because those two players will not be in his way and they'll fetch the puck for him to keep the play alive.

While I believe this team will need more production out of Kovalev, it still needs to operate as a team. He still needs to be able to go out there and do what he needs to do to be successful. He was able to do it in PITT somehow for nearly four seasons. Perhaps this just shows us how flawed New York is.

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