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03-16-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Hey look, this thread again. Thank god we're having this thread for the one billionth time this season, or I never would have known that Dubinsky is having a down year.

Honestly, at this point, I don't know what's more amusing--the fact that the same 5 or 6 guys feel the need to **** on a struggling player for an off year at EVERY opportunity, or the fact that they honestly seem to think that Dubinsky is the first 25 year old player in history to have an off year.

One last time--he's pressing. Based on the literally hundreds of professional athletes who have gone through a similar situation, he's almost certainly going to bounce back once he can put this season behind him (ie- the postseason or next season--he needs a new start to get his head straight). If he DOES get traded, it's absolutely idiotic to do it before the 2013 trade deadline. But go ahead. Keep beating that dead horse. I think it can get just a little bit more dead.
This thread is not solely about Dubinsky. This is about every offensively under performing player, so don't try and make it our like I'm some kind of Dubinsky hater.

Do you think I enjoy knowing that Dubinsky is struggling? My first Rangers jersey ever was a Dubinsky jersey. Of course I want him to succeed. I haven't forgotten that he's our best playoff performer besides Lundqvist. This is a team with real needs offensively however. I'm very disappointed with his production and I know he is too, I know he genuinely cares. He's a heart and soul type player, but when you look at things objectively this is a bad situation.

Dubinsky is NOT a cheap player. In the event that he doesn't show up in the playoffs, do you take a $4.2M gamble on Dubinsky next year to keep him on the team with the risk of his value lowering even further? At the very least, Sather would listen to trade offers over the Summer.

Do I want it to come to that? Hell no. The fact of the matter remains that Dubinsky signed the type of contract that makes people look to him to score goals, and he's not keeping up with his end of the deal. The playoffs will be huge for him, and I will be there rooting for him.

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