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03-16-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Boco View Post
I'd agree with you if we were playing important games right now but the longterm health of the players is what's most important at this point in the season.
The players saw the game as important. They won the game. What is so bad about that?

Would you rather watch the Flames in the playoffs because we got some petty revenge? Teach the players to win hockey games. Not to be mindless goons.

Remember when Hall got hit in Colorado and Peckham chased the guy who hit him? Do you remember what happened on that play? We got scored on and lost the game. That doesn't teach anyone anything!

Beating the other team on the scoreboard and hurting their playoff chances should be more important. I for one am glad the players stepped their game up and beat those losers.

By the way, we outhit them.

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