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11-16-2003, 05:40 AM
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Originally Posted by WHurricane16
I'm not going to get into a big debate over this, but Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville, and Minnesota will be fine. The only franchise I'm concerned about right now is Pittsburgh. Have you seen the attendance numbers on that team? And some of the fan's & local government's downright refusal for a new stadium?

Attendance in Nashville & Minnesota looked great last night. I hope people would stop throwing the newer franchises in their discussions. Most people only say them because they are the newer teams, therefore shattering their fragile existence of "don't spread hockey" hockey. I really hate it when they throw Columbus in the mix, because that organization has a strong base of fans.
Buffalo has a brand new, beautiful arena and they are having trouble getting fan support with a young, competitive team. A new arena may help Pittsburgh for awhile, but the NHL is driving their fans away with unreasonable ticket prices. Instead of going to 1 or 2 games, I can spend half that money and stay home and watch them all off satellite. It's not as good as watching the game live, but I'll save my money til the playoffs.

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