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03-17-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
I really believe not letting goalie pushed with a puck to the net is D's job. Price didn't prove yet he can carry an average team to conference finals, Halak did. What if Price will get injured long-term and someone will have to cover for this 70 games?
Actually, doing it once doesn't mean you've proven anything. Gionta scored 48goals once, does that mean he's proven he can do it again?
Everybody can have one crazy good season, but you'll only be given the credit of proof once you do it again.
What if Miller gets injured? What if Lundqvist gets injured? I don't see what that has to do with Price.
We need to improve our goalie depth, yes, which is why we should draft a keeper with good potential.

Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
But Halak could beat a guy like Price. Does it say anything about "a guy like Elliot" or maybe a guy like Price?
Price could also beat Halak. Price will have average-bad years, and so will Halak, so will every keeper in the NHL. Are we going to go back and forth every time one has the upper hand in a season over the other? It's ********. Halak is in St-Louis, Price is in Mtl. Let it go already.

Clearly you're a fan of Halak, and you know what, how can anybody not be? Guy was a class act that lead us deeper than we've been since 93. Management still made the right call however.
It'll be interesting to see how Halak performs this year in the POs going in as the #1 seed. But even if the guy wins the cup and the Conn Smythe, he'll still be in St-Louis, and we still have a great keeper in Mtl.

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