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03-17-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Tank Hankerous View Post
Yeah so?

Why should she be entitled to half of his earnings?

He's the one who went out and got the MBA, made real estate deals, invested and saved and mde sound business transactions with his partners, not her.

Its sort of like Hulk Hogan's divorce. He was the one we all cheered for who took those bumps in the ring, yet his wife's got the house.

Tiger Woods' wife never sank any of those putts, or sacrificed Saturdays as a teen to work on her short game, or spent hours in the gym to revolutionize the game of golf, yet she walked away with half a billion?

How many hit songs did Paul McCartney or Chad Kroeger's now wealthy exes write?

Divorce laws/lawyers stink.
To play devil's advocate, their wives may have given up their own aspirations to spend years and years raising their children and family. Had they not gotten married, they'd have their own careers. Tiger's wife definitely would have.

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