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03-17-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
With the exception that from the start I've maintained that one player move does nothing. Look at our record since we've had Schultz, look at the games we've lost and why we've lost. Schultz may well cut down on some of the mistakes through his own presence but even he's making them.

But the team will continue to endeavor to find losses as long as theres no buy in to system play. Or a team group that is even adept at system play. Starting with Dubnyk a player that years after the fact still hasn't learned simple communications with his D. Theres so many failboats on this club still that the achilles heel is still aching.

Its a bit of a joke to me that we trade for a guy like Schultz to shore up things defensively then we bring up guys like Omark to spring more leaks.

Maybe I don't understand the script. Or maybe there isn't one..
Who said that that move alone would catapult our team into becoming a winner? I doubt that anyone felt that way, however you can't make wholesale changes during the season unless those changes include picks/prospects, we are beyond that part of our rebuild as demonstrated by the Hemsky re-signing and the Schultz trade.

Schultz is a serviceable piece that brings a lot of positives: can play either side, is solid defensively and on the PK, is a veteran, has been in the playoffs, knows how to play his position and can be a mentor to our young D that will be coming up through the system. It sucks that one of your favorites got moved out, it really does for you, I can understand that, however you need to look at this without any emotional attachment.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its too early to evaluate where either Petry or Schultz will put us. Sure Petry looks like a stud now. What will he look like next year? This may just be learned cynicism on my part but what player here has ever shown any kind of linear progress? Petry and Schultz may look good in comparison to a team thats lousy enough to be in 29th place. Where would both fit on a team good enough to start making some noise. I don't see either as a shutdown guy on an elite team. I see them as top 4 guys on mid level teams.
Petry looks good. He's not a stud D. I think we're just quick to look at it this way due to not really seeing any elite D play here other than Pronger.

Hell its just one season since people here were going on about how good Peckham looked. Or not long since Whitney looked good.

The only contstant in our D corps has been don't build a contending team that way. At some point you identify players that will be there for the gold rush and plan around that and develop strong team cohesion.

I still have no idea who this org thinks the backbone will be either on the backend or in goal. If Schultz or Petry is your best D, and your #1 is Dubnyk you're in a world of hurt.

Yeah I know, the same applies to Gilbert.
Petry will never be a Pronger, however his size, speed, passing, puck rushing, hitting, and his shot (if he can dial it in on net) combination is unlike anything that we've had in Oiler blue since Pronger left. Pronger was one of the best in the business when he was here, Petry's upside is TBD. That said if he can take one more step forward he will be a top pairing guy on a good team.

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