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03-17-2012, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Dfence033 View Post
No one else thinks this (Penguins run) is actually good for the Rangers?

First, the Penguins have played themselves right into a first-round date with the Flyers. If there is any team in the Conference that will inflict some damage, drag out a long and painful series, and (with Bryz getting hot) do some score-board damage to the Penguins in the first round, it's the Flyers.

Second, look at their "streak." They blew out a struggling Tampa team, beat a last-place Columbus team, barely squeaked by "powerhouse" division leaders Dallas and Florida in a shoot-out, beat Boston in the middle of their worst stretch of the year by a mile (Remember, everyone said that the Bruins Cup was just a formality, too), and beat a Rangers team missing several key players. They also beat Toronto, Colorado, and Phoenix in this stretch. That's three division leaders, one who was completely banged up (an excuse we heard all year long from them), and two who without playoff seeding would be 7th place in their respective Conferences. Sure, it's impressive to rattle off wins like they have, but it's not like this is the playoffs and they are playing powerhouse contenders every night while doing so.

Third, I feel they are peaking too early. They've won 10 in a row (11 if you assume they won't be blowing a 4-1 lead in one period to the Devils), but they have 12 games left before the playoffs after tonight. To be as serious of a threat because of this current streak of theirs in the post-season, they'd have to maintain this pace for 26-29 consecutive games at minimum to reach even the second round. That's just far too long to stay this hot, and they are bound to cool off. My money is on it happening just before the playoffs, which spells disaster against a Philly team finding their stride.

I'd rather the Rangers falter as they have now, and wake up in the next 3 games and realize the Penguins are right there with them to have something to play for (bear in mind, the Penguins had to go on a 10 game win streak to even get to 4 points back; the Rangers haven't had ANYTHING to play for in over a month), and get hot in the last 5-10 games going in. THOSE are the most dangerous teams. Playing at such a high level for 30 games is incredibly draining on a team. I just don't see the Penguins (because of this streak) as quite the threat a lot of you "sky is falling" guys are here.

That said, just get the win tonight.
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