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02-12-2006, 08:02 AM
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a good solid win...a needed win, for both the team and the fans.. a few observations about this one;

...start with upshall. the guy was absolutely flying out there last night every shift he was on ice. great rebound goal of course, but he was in middle of things all night and really got after them forechecking, something we've really been missing lately. this guy is ready to play everynight, even when everyone gets healthy upfront. means a trade has to happen somewhere soon, if not before march 9th certainly this next off season. his best game, looked much more relaxed with the puck. hit everything that moved. unlike any other d-man we have he actually looks to hit. notice how he takes little angles out farther to hit someone hard when they are cycling the puck in our zone. this "searching" for someone to hit is something we don't have from anyone else. man is this kid going to be a great hockey player for us for about the next ten years.
...hall and hartnell neither scored a point. yet both had really good games. hall's screens got us two goals (1st zids one and the erat one) as well as if he'd scored them himself, while harts did the same on the second zids goal.. in fact none of these three are scored if these two guys don't do what they did.
...denis made two unbelieveably good saves last night on kariya on the rebound on the pp and hartnell on the two on one from sully. both were robbed of sure goals. however both guys will tell you the same thing, that they just didn't get the puck elevated quite as high as they wanted or they would both have been in anyway.
...wateched the replay over and over on hartnell's disallowed highstick goal. should have been a goal. the immediate "wave-off" by the official is what cost us, which was done because hartnell started his stick up so high. made it look like it had to have been highsticked, but he actually contacts the puck with the stick absolutely straight out. what a deflection it was anyway, that shot/pass was a good 8 feet off net. hart nell was snakebit, could easily have had two goals.
...vokoun with two great back-to-back stops on zherdev, and one great one on federov all in about a 2 minute spurt there to start the third when they were huge.
...sillinger. had two straight great chances on that one pp. just good stops from denis. throw in those other two great saves and we could easily have put up a snowman plus in this one.
...our pp is one of the most confusing looking things in the league...we look awful for about a minute and a hlaf sometimes and then BOOM, the puck winds up on someones stick and they knock it in just as time expires.. but whenever we have what looks like a good organized puck control pp, well then we seem to seldom score...
...not only did we get two late in the pp goals from zidlicky, we also scored the two from erat and timonen in the chaos right after a pp had failed.
...nomore is dead-on on the two columbus goals. both were the result of eaton trying to pokecheck and not taking the body. two great shots from nash and zherdev. nash fooled vokoun going back shortside high. vokoun was obviously guessing he was going back stickside, anbd he put the puck in about a 2 inch opening right over the gloveside crook of the arm.
...comments this morning about walker's wrist sprain make me really wonder how serious this will turn out to be. (handtrick, give us your expert medical opinion here, *cough,cough it hurt to even type that*)

going to be some tough decisions personnel-wise when we get ready to start back if everyone is healthy again.... upshall is bursting at the seems to push someone aside at one of the top 6 forward spots... weber is pushing suter... smithson/nichol's spots are going to be squeezed... the waiving of allison and stevenson is a sign that management is finally having to make these tough decisions. more to come here, even without the trade we all think will happen.

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