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02-12-2006, 08:43 AM
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There is always someone who had a worse game or a worse experience but things will get better. When I was peewee my team played an All Star team and we lost 35-0 (I kid you not). Shots on goal were 108-2. I played defense and probably blocked another 30 shots by myself. Our team actually won games in our own league and we could actually play a little. The other teams coach comes in our locker room after the game and tells us we are the worst team ever to lace up skates. He is single and has no kids. Here comes the silver lining part. About 8 years later I end up coaching this guys step son (he married the mom of a kid on my peewee team) as a peewee and he has no hockey skill what so ever but a lot of heart. I turned the kid from a bench warmer into a terrific grinder who skated a regular shift. He saw how much that changed the kids whole life and remembered back to when he and I first met and apologized to me 8 years later and we became pretty good friends.
If I would have quit hockey that day, none of that other stuff would have happened nor most of the rest of the great things I have in my life would have happened. I met my wife coaching her brother. We're divorced but I owe my great kids to hockey in a way and my son plays now too and loves it.
Don't quit because of some knucklehead. If you love the game, then just play for that and be happy about that. You never know what it might lead to later.

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