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Originally Posted by Dfence033 View Post
This is exactly what I'm talking about. Are they still in 4th in the Conference? Yes? Are they still behind the Rangers in the division? Yes. Are they still in position to face the Flyers in the first round? Yes. Has this all held true despite them going on an 11-0-0 run? Yes.

I get that they are playing well right now. But it seems too many of you are assuming the Rangers will continue to be mired in mediocrity while the Penguins don't miss a beat for the duration of the year. They STILL have to get 3 points over the Rangers (5 if the Rangers win tonight) to take over 1st place. Did you all forget that the Penguins aren't the only team with games left?

The Rangers could go 6-3-3 in their last 12 games. That'd force the Penguins to go 10-2-0 in their last 12. They are still a decent bit away, and far enough to where once the Rangers start heating up again, the gap will widen. They WILL NOT continue to be undefeated for the rest of the season. In fact, if they do, I will eat a Penguins hat and post it on YouTube.

At the same time, the Rangers won't continue to play 43.75% hockey for the rest of the year (3-4-1 in their last 8, without Lundqvist [only a Vezina favorite], Callahan [only the team captain], and del Zotto [only one of the team's best defenseman]). The Penguins got to piss and moan all year about not having Letang and Crosby, but Cally, Lundy, and MdZ are equally as important (if not moreso) to the Rangers.

So unless you are all thinking the Rangers will go 5-6-1 in their last 12 (Penguins would still need to go 6-4-2 in their's to overtake them), while the Penguins continue this tear, then they are still not the Cup favorites.
Inspiring words to help ease the pain during this rough patch. Shall I nominate you to motivational speaker status?
But I hope DZ is 100% and not rushing into things. Same with Cally.

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