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Originally Posted by JohnnyB11 View Post
Oh man, you're all worked up because for one game the first 500 to buy walk up tickets pay only $10??? You do realize they are trying to get a full house for the nationally televised game against the 16 place Q team, right? I haven't got a problem with that - I'm getting $3 off EVERY home game, without having to be one of the first 500 (only a one game promotion I might add), and I get my same seat reserved for every game.

I'm just shocked that because you feel that you were entitled to pay only $10 for one game instead of your playoff-season-ticket-price ( a difference of a few bucks), that now you feel you'll drive to Moncton to watch the Wildcats, a one to two hour drive up the road depending on where you are. Of course, the gas price itself will be far more, and of course the time you spend in the car is a waste, but hey, as long as you show management, eh??

Do you see how this is??? Spitting venom over a few dollars.
First of all I realize the game will be on tv but if they are as good as some say they are well discount tickets shouldn't be needed to fill the place. Besides everyone knows that Saint Johners only come out regularly at playoff time.
Second of all the crap of i have my same seat thats blah blah blah. i've had the same seat since day one of the good hockey of the flames days. Yah the difference in price should have been passed on to the season ticket holders....WHY NOT ??They knew that this promo was coming so pass it on....9.50 is better to me as it is to the Dogs.
Lastly its the principle of the whole thing a seaon ticket holder other that "your own seat" what have they given back .......nothing (oh yes a 11 x 8 photocopied picture). the arguement of oh well they have given us a good team doesnt cut it ....thats their job to do!!!!The Saint John Seadogs don't give a rats ass about their season ticket holders. Its all about the $$$$$$$$ for them.
Like i said before next year will be painful and then you'll hear the whinning start from the owners when all the fans are dressed in blue and green. They'd pull the pin in a heartbeat!!!!! McCain isn't going to fund a losing team and without him the Dogs are DONE!!!!!!! Lewiston #2

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