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03-18-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
this is laughable
We have the Vezina winner.

We have a goal scorer tied for 3rd place in the league.

We have a rookie who SHOULD be a Calder candidate considering he's 10 points behind Droolfest Nugent Hopkins and 11 behind Landeskog (who Hagelin actually has a much higher PPG average than, since Landeskog has played 20 more games than Hagelin) while averaging far less overall and powerplay ice-time.

We have a great defense.

We have Brad Richards.

We have Ryan Callahan.

We've found a way to ride Henke to 1st place in the East for 3 months, yet our powerplay is 29th out of 30. Only Phoenix has a worse PP. Even mother****ing Columbus has a better powerplay than us!! And the coaching staff has done absolutely nothing to attempt to remedy it. Just keep sticking guys in front of the net, even when the other 4 Rangers are struggling to even get control of the puck in the offensive zone!! Expel energy, chase pucks up and down the boards, slap the puck around the boards from one side to the other. Good thing we have Cally or Boyle parked in front doing absolutely nothing, though! You get to the front of the net when it makes sense to. Arrive there right before a shot gets taken so a goalie can't just setup and peer around you. Standing still there only eliminates the actual advantage and allows the penalty killers to defend the other four Rangers 4 on 4. Why are other teams so aggressive on the PK against us? Because we only have four legit passing options!! The fifth Ranger is stationary in front of the net for the entire time were in the zone, even when we're desperately trying to get "set up." He just sits parked there, doing nothing. Nobody has to worry about him unless a shot actually gets through, which it rarely does because it's a 4 on 4 and teams can easily block our shots, especially when we hesitate to shoot off the pass.

Stralman has been better than expected since day 1. He's a fluid skater, with great puck control who can actually make a tape to tape pass without hesitation. He has the wheels to skate the puck out of trouble. He has taken Torts challenge to play tough and has been physical every single game. I'm not even talking about the rare beauty of a hip check that he throws. He simply battles at a high level every time he's defending someone 1 on 1. He had one bad turnover five games ago. Before and after that, he's been damn near flawless. He sure as hell hasn't been any worse than Marc Staal! These are all qualities that describe the antithesis of Bickel. He does not have wheels to skate the puck out of trouble. He throws grenade passes, and suicide passes to guys standing still in the neutral zone, although Del Zotto looked drunk tonight as well. It's clear as day that Stralman is a solid NHL defender. With the right partner, there's nothing really holding him back from even being a top 4 d-man. Yet, Stralman gets scratched in favor of Bickel, who is the epitome of an AHL journeyman. I appreciate the effort, Stu, but you are a major liability and the antithesis of a "heady" and decisive player like Stralman. What kind of message does that send to Stralman? Play your ass off at both ends of the ice, do everything that's asked of you, and you'll get scratched in favor of some AHL goon.

Zuccarello has looked like a blessing on the PP. Finally someone other than Richards (who is the ONLY one who can actually carry it in and not throw it away as soon as he gets any semblance of pressure) who can make a quick turn with the puck along the boards and actually move it cleanly to the stick blade of the open man. I'm sure that means John Scott will take his spot next game.

Boyle and Mitchell can do no wrong. The rules that apply to Zuccarello and Stralman don't apply to Mitchell and Boyle. Tortorella plays favorites and he puts players he doesn't like in situations to fail, while continuing to reward Mitchell's blatant puck-hogging over-handling and Boyle's painfully Rozsival-speed slow skating and stick waving poor excuse for a forecheck with more and more ice-time!! And in key situations!! Zuccarello has a great game, but he's still with Rupp at even strength, while Mitchell and Boyle get bumped up with Cally and Dubinsky and Stepan for odd shifts when we're trying to SCORE A GOAL TO TIE THE GAME.

When Zuccarello was called up, Torts couldn't even praise his good efforts in the AHL. He had to take a cheap shot and say he was "decent" but he can praise Boyle to no end. For what? Grimacing on the bench every damn game because he fell awkwardly trying to turn in the corner with his big clown feet? Del Zotto and Boyle really have the worst "I'm hurt so bad but Ill play through it, just please know that I'm super tough and in a ton of pain" faces.

Yes, were in first place in spite of Tortorella. Don't even get me started on the games where it was an obvious Henrik start and he started Biron who got eaten alive.

He has some great attributes and I like his no nonsense atmosphere, but he is truly his own worst enemy. Unwilling to adapt or admit he's wrong, he'll bench a guy for an entire game because making a point is more important than putting out the player who gives the team the best chance to score a goal and tie or win the game. And he's the absolute worst in-game coach in the league. Overly aggressive. Textbook moves. So predictable. Goal scored for or against? Throw Boyle out there right away!

Down by 1 against a trapping team that's clogging the neutral zone? Let's pull Henke with 2 and a half minutes left so that we can add yet ANOTHER body to the cluster **** party in the neutral zone and gift-wrap the icing on the cake for the other team.

K I'm done now. LET'S GO FLYERS! (just for today)

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