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03-18-2012, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MeowLeafs View Post
Imo, MAF isn't currently projected to be HOF material because the HOF is the highest standard there is. Don't take that as an insult. It in no way, shape or form means that MAF isn't a great goalie, or heck, even elite. You can be an elite goalie for some time and not be HOF material. And 9th in Hart voting, really?...imo that argument goes against you rather then for you.

MAF still has a lot of time to build a much better resume though. Only time will tell.
Which is why unless we have a crystal ball there is no way to tell. That is the fun of projecting. Rico Fata was once projected to make the 2002 Olympic team way back in 1998 on a four year projection list. It was a little foolish, but bold.

I don't think Fleury's projection is looking all that foolish anymore. And you are right, things can happen. He is 27. He could retire tomorrow or lose his passion or gain a lot of weight or meet the wrong girl. But he has accomplished so much already I think he is starting to look like he's on the right track. And since the HHOF is extremely strict on goalies getting in I agree it is no guarantee.

But how the guy has played the last two seasons has been superb. He has really stepped up his game and taken the bull by the horns. The saves Fleury makes are ones Osgood never did. They are ones Osgood was never in the position to have to make. That's something stats won't show you, only the eyes can. He plays a style that is acrobatic and reliant on reflexes more than anything so he is capable of making the "big" saves at opportune times. Again, something stats don't tell

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