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03-18-2012, 03:37 AM
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As for Stoll. Here is the problem, he was brought in at great cost to be the Kings 2nd line center. He was paid handsomely and given tons of great prime ice time. Jarret Stoll produced 41 points. Ok fine, lets give him a Mulligan, 09-10 also tons of prime ice time, Stoll puts up 47 points. His season was better and maybe DL figured with Schenn in the system maybe he didn't want to make a big trade. Then comes last year, finally after yet another season where Stoll couldn't crack 50 points (and finished terribly), DL goes out and gets Richards, great move and one of the reasons I loved it was because it ended the awful three year run Stool had as 2nd line center. But instead of trading Stoll for some help on the wing, DL thought Stoll would make a great 3rd line center, he went on the radio in Toronto and called Stoll a "culture changer" Stoll in reality is a tweener, not talented enough to play a top 6, not good all around to be a great 3rd liner. The Kings overvaluing of Stoll is worthy of harsh criticism.

As for Smyth, whats the use of a player who can't skate past December. Trading for and committing that much cap space to that guy was just ridiculous. I can't think of a thing I miss about Smyth, even this front of net presence some people talk about. Give me Carter's shot on the PP over Smyth's "front net presence" In fact, I can't think of a single guy on this roster that I would scratch in favor of Smyth.

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