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03-18-2012, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
#1 Brian Boyle is GOOD Pker, and is a mediocre shutdown centerman. Any time that an opposing line has any semblance of speed or skill-he gets exposed. He is a BAD third line center, and a serviceable 4th line center. He doesn't dominate the faceoff circle, he can't skate(which is really the most damning thing about him). I am not sure if he would be a great 4th liner because he doesn't have an overpowering physical presence. Some times he lays a nice hit, but because his skating is so bad-he can't hit what he can't catch.

#2 They have tried Dubi as a screen in front of net. The problem is he does not set up screens well. He often times sets himself at the posts waiting for rebounds. He doesn't directly get in front of the goalie. It is one facet of his game that truly prevents him from being a legit power forward. Dubi also doesn't handle deflections all that well.

Honestly, the one guy who knows how to play in front of net is Cally. Unfortunately he is not that big, and it isn't difficult too push him out of the way. That said, he is still one of our best options there. IMO, Rupp should get a look. Pitt was successful in using him as a screen in front of net.
Boyle is on a top 5 PK team and plays the most PK min/g of any forward on the team. To say he's not a GREAt PKer isn't doing him enough justice. Boyle also gets matched up with the other team's best line the majority of the time, and is on a team that is near the top in goals allowed (least allowed). I do't like him on the 3rd line either, but to say these things about him and calling him an awful player do him no justice. His first year here, he was awful. NOW, he's one of the better 4th liners in the league. He's a smart player, covering for the D when the pinch, and is a calming force in the defensive end. I really don't think you're giving Boyle a fair shake. If you are expecting him to score a bunch like last season, forget about your expectations of the guy. He's a prototypical 4th line NHL center on a GOOD team.

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