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03-18-2012, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Not sure what's going on with this team right now. They look out of sorts to be honest. The collapse in the third last night was odd to say the least. Glad we're playing again tonight because I don't think any of the guys want to sit with the bad taste from last night in their mouths.

Still not sure why Wilson sat to be honest. I'll be glad to see Josi back in the lineup as our second and third pairings don't do a good job of moving the puck out of the zone.

Really hacks me off that Weber and Suter, two of the big leaders of the team, seem like they're disinterested. For a while it didn't bother me as their results were good and the team was winning. Fisher is the one putting out effort every night whereas these two are just blah. Maybe in the coming weeks they'll start ramping up their game for the playoffs.

The other thing that still bothers me is Hornqvist getting creamed every night and all our guys pretty much just stand and watch it happen. At some point stand up for your teammate. Also, when Rinne got taken out by Havlat the other night, totally bush league play, why did he not have to answer the bell later in the game for this? If I'm Trotz I let Tootoo loose and say, crush him. You don't let your goalie get tripped like that without retribution. Totally unacceptable. Not saying we have to go barbarian but at some point, have some pride and stand up for your mates.

And enough of the bad outlet passes or clearing attempts out of our zone. Make sure the puck gets out and not to the other team in the center of the ice. Their first goal was because of this. If I'm not mistaken, we had 3 if not 4 attempts to get the puck out and we didn't. First one was Weber putting the puck right on their sticks and they came right back in the zone. After that, we couldn't clear. Pathetic. This needs to get resolved and quickly.
Honestly, Suter looks like he's cashed in his chips... Weber not so much, Weber didn't play that 2 on 1 well last night but he really expected Suter to hustle back to get the guy in the slot then noticed that wasn't happen and was already to close to the shooter to make a play on the pass. I also thought Penner dominated Suter, I know that's a bad match-up size wise but Penner sucks.

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