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Tim Thomas was kind of a dick, so now despite being on my 2nd favorite team I have to hate on him whenever I can.

Sid was nice and talked to me for a couple seconds while in a large crowd of people trying to get at him. He signed for me and shook my hand.

Geno was even better. Said some words to me as well, shook my hand, and after I got the one item I was really hoping to get signed he asked if I wanted anything else done. So I had him sign my Pens jersey.

Tony Amonte was a nice guy back in the day. Met him at a signing session and he was expressing his displeasure about the store restricting which cards you could have him sign (and trying to hawk them at a premium to anyone who didn't have that one)

Bobby Orr I met about 21 years ago so I don't remember much, but he was nice to everyone who was there to meet him. Signed endlessly for no charge.

Ryan Kesler was cool, we shot the **** for a few minutes at a 2K Sports meet & greet I was at, while they were trying to get things set up. Turco was there as well and walked up next to me while checking out game demos. We chat about them for a bit and he seemed cool to me.

Patrick Eaves was a funny guy. Met him recently at an in-store signing session. I jokingly invited him out to play that night w/my team and he took interest in it and we started talking a bit. Didn't rush us out of the way or anything, but took a little joke and made it into fun conversation. This was right before he got his jaw smashed.

Datsyuk was a real nice guy. We were outside the Joe at the player exit one night just killing time, and he stopped to sign for everyone who was there. He also gave a stuffed animal to a toddler who was there w/her dad, which I thought was a very nice thing to do. I'd imagine he keeps one or two on hand in case he sees little kids outside like that.

Chelios - met him at a local signing event and presented him with the "You're uglier than Ricci" photo to be signed. He laughed at it and said he hadn't seen it in a while. Shook hands, took pics w/me and my girl, ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

That's all I can remember...

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