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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
You're certainly entitled to your own opinion about Subban's skating. Doesn't mean it's a good one though. He's probably the fastest skater on this team and keep in mind he plays half the game out there for us.

"choppy" .. lol.. what is this figure skating?

And I will not even ask where you got this notion that Emelin is a more fluid skater. That's just really "out there".
I'm not sure if you've watched the habs this throw out that Subban is probably the fastest skater on this team then tell me that my opinion isn't a good one...? Subban is slightly above average on this team when it comes to speed. He's surpassed by guys like Gomez,Cole, Pacioretty, Eller and if I'm not mistaken Desharnais also beat him in the speed test.

When you talk about fluid skating, there is no more fluid than Figure skating... A guy like Duncan Keith shows what fluid skating is.

I got the notion that Emelin is a more fluid skater by watching him play. Emelin has one of the better skating techniques on this team (if not the best). You have to look at more than just a players speed to judge their technique. The arch of the players back, how far apart their knees are, the angle of their knees,etc. tells you how good a players technique is. Russians are known for being some of the most fluid skaters in hockey (and figure skating...) and Emelin is a good example of why that is imo.

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