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03-18-2012, 12:05 PM
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For next season I see at least one of the following kids being in our line up.

Toffi (will likely start or spend the season in Manchester but I have only missed one of the 67's games this year (either in person or via Vid) and saw most of his games last year and he has taken yet another step forward in his progression. He rises to the challenge each time he is called. That doesn't make him NHL ready but he is close.


Nolan/Clifford and then this coming season Andy Andy. He plays the same style of game and is a really smart player. Bottom 6er that would let us put Nolan at center if we wanted. I think Andy Andy has more potential to be a 15 to 20 goal scoring 3rd liner with grit then some but he plays a hard smart game and has been making himself ready this year to make the jump.


He has all of the skill and determination needed to play in the NHL. Is he ready to do so? Don't know for certain but I see in Kozun allot of the same thing that I have seen in A Mart, King, Nolan, Lewis etc that others have missed and that is that they are playing like young frustrated guys who believe or know that they are NHL ready but instead of focusing on being the best AHLer they can they sort of drift into this weird lack of focus at times. Then camp comes around and boom, they are ready for the NHL and regain their focus.

To me this is exactly where Kozun is at in his development. He is a top 6er who is best suited for 3rd line duty to me but wherever he ends up on the team I think he will do well.

I have heard that Moshie Kitsyn will be in camp this year. It seems optimistic to me but that is what I have heard. He would be my dark horse candidate if he indeed comes over to make the team out of camp. He could slot right into our top 6 at LW and become a very good top 6er for us. I want him to be our 3rd line monster for a couple of years before he steps into his role as our 2nd line LW but that is me.

If have seen three of his games this year and he might need to spend a season in Manchester, hard to say but he looks so good that I could see him make it.

With the exception of O'B and the potential of our signing Brown in the next day or so I am most optimistic about those kids making the team (one of those listed) next season.

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