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03-18-2012, 01:13 PM
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Our days of flying under the radar have been over for awhile this season. Been in third the whole time, and everyone knows our prospect pool.

We just have to get used to it, we were a joke for a decade, and we're a southern team. I'll step in and defend us, but frankly I don't give a rip. Let em think what they want. Tampa and Carolina don't get the recognition still, neither does Dallas. Oh well, I hate most northern teams, them winning doesn't change that. lol

My work puts me face to face with a host of northerners, I love meeting Canadians and getting onto hockey. I generally get a snicker when they hear I'm a Panther fan, and some don't touch it til I bring up what their team. Then, these highly educated hockey fans are left without much to say when I wind up knowing more than they expected, and often times know more about their teams than they do. I just wish em a good day, say go Panthers, and tell em they can tell everyone they met a real live Panther fan. And I'm gonna go hangout with Santa and Big Foot later.

The threads are going to get attacked. Several are level headed enough to be happy for us, and some who daid they would be are finding themselves now upset because we're in, or because we're currently holding the 3rd spot when their team has more points, and they want to rage away with nerd **** because of it. I'd rather let others bring it up, though Itchy had a good point, just gets looked over. Washington never gets brought up, and as he pointed out neither does Boston...this is our lot, folks. Works for me.

Noooo, no you can't have Ekblad!
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