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03-18-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
(Re: Gare & Sylvester) QFT. No lie, I've heard student interns broadcasting junior A that are better.
Honestly, I thought @Fla was one of their better games, but I had a TV broadcast. I can see (read: hear) however, that Sylvester is nowhere near as descriptive, timely, and appropriately terse for a radio broadcast, and I now base that opinion on a large enough sample set. There were several cases where the puck had traveled from one goal line to the other before he updated where the puck was and who had it. Duff, however, is a consumate pro. During the 2nd intermission, when I was listening but not watching, his voice sounded very Ted-Darling like (but I assume that's just the Ontario accent I'm latching onto).

Originally Posted by dire wolf View Post
FES line was solid - mostly E
Sekera looked pretty good considering he just had pneumonia a few days ago.

Everyone else was pretty sucky for the most part.

Vanek is a head case, plain and simple. You don't bounce back and forth between being dominant and crappy like he does unless you have major confidence issues. Terry needs to hire a team shrink.

Meanwhile, anyone checked out Soupy's stats this year? Unbelievable. That might have been an even bigger f-up than losing Briere. I'm sure we could have extended him for less than $5M/year.
What's even more amazing are the minutes Sekera played last night, and how well he played despite being sick for so long. Just magnifies how utterly putrid many other Sabres are playing this time of year.
As for Vanek, I said weeks ago the guy has to be injured. If he isn't, we need to find the alien space ship that abducted him. And, to me, he hasn't bounced back and forth. He played well the first half, then has been garbage since.

Originally Posted by HogtownSabresfan View Post
It's funny to read this thread and wonder what people would have said if we WON the shoot out. The team did not float in this one. They played a tight game, the D was on. The story was the same because our scorers cannot close.this has been the story all year -- fatal lack of scoring. No room for error like soft second goal on MIller.
Call it effort? I dunno. Maybe it's just lack of talent. Is stafford really a 30 goals scorer? No. Boyes washed up for a few years now. Pommers is a 20-25 goal guy. Roy is realistically a 25 goal guy. Leino can be better but he's not a 20 goal guy. Gerbe was out but what has he proven at an NHL level. The only real proven scorer is Vanek (seems injured) and we don't know Ennis' upside yet. The team needs more scoring. Clearly.
I missed the first 23 minutes of the game, but from that point on, I thought the Sabres team D was excellent in keeping stuff out wide and away from Miller, especially from the high slot down to the crease. Very few second, third chances, only one 2-on-1 that I recall, didn't take stupid penalties, etc.

I'll address the scoring at the end of this post.

Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
I thought both teams sucked at the shootout. neither team really seems to want that extra point. weird. well, I guess the Sabres wanted it less.
Players from both teams would have scored if they lifted the puck over Miller's or Theodore's pad.

Originally Posted by Woodhouse View Post
I think Ehrhoff would too, but point taken.
Erhoff at a $4M cap hit is a steal, and he's earning a lot more of that $10M actual salary this season than many think he is. Without Erhoff and Miller, no way BUF would have picked up as many points as they have in the past couple weeks, especially with Myers suspended and Sekera hurt. Some are calling Sekera the Defensive MVP this year, but I'm not so sure it isn't Erhoff. It seemed like he played all 5 minutes of the OT against Colorado.

Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
This team needs a serious infusion of speed. We have got to be one of the slowest teams in the league. Either that or nobody on this team cares enough to go all out. Either way, out with the old in with the new Darcy!!
It's not either / or, it's both / and. Moreover, the only guys who play a straight ahead game are Gerbe, Kaleta, Vanek (who's been in 4WD-Lo for a few weeks) and formerly Kassian who really didn't have any speed.

Originally Posted by sabresfan129103 View Post
I almost wonder if it's better (for me) if they don't make the playoffs. Watching this team just pisses me off at times. Maybe it's better if the season just ends. IDK
Watching this team pisses me off almost all the time. But I still love the passion in playoff hockey.

As for the anemic scoring, let's assess potential (arbitrary lines):
V-A-P = 75G
F-E-S = 60G
G-R-K = 45G
8, 78, 19, 37, 23, others = 30G
Defense = 35G
Total potential = 245, IMO
Add 1 (to make the math easy) = 246/82 = 3.0 gpg
2011-12 through 72 games, BUF is scoring 2.5 gpg
0.5 gpg difference
Is this season simply a confluence of suck, injuries, and circumstances?
(replies to this probably belong in the "summer offseason" thread, not the GBU.)

IMO, sba's best post ever was in the @Was GDT (last Spring?) when Vanek picked up the puck (in OT??) at center ice, skated through 2 Cap forwards, then between 2 Cap defenders (including a recent AHL callup) to score a sick goal. sba's actual post:
"I just came."

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