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03-18-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Vino View Post
....57 games, one goal and six assists, -2 - that says everything.
Actually, it doesn't. He brings an attitude to the game that we need. He's got a nasty side to him the Kings generally lack. He's good in the corners and on the forecheck. He's not afraid of the high or low slot. He sets a tone and aggressive style that is a positive image for these kids coming up from Manchester and elsewhere.

We just start to get all these players, the whole team, working off the same page; that is, seeing and feeling each other on the ice at game speed, starting to enjoy some success and everyone here is ready to plug in three or four new guys because "those kind of guys are a dime a dozen and easily replaceable". Sure. We can go out and get four or five "replaceables" at the start of every season, or at the trade deadline, or every month. Then we can all sit around and complain about how the team is playing like "pickup team" for three or four months.

Hockey is an improvisational game. This may sound weird, but improvisation at game speed requires a lot of practice and game experience as a whole unit.

Short version of long rant - don't discount the value of role players and don't discount the value of roster stability in creating winning hockey on the ice.

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