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03-18-2012, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
My thanks to everyone for reply posts to date.
Sorry have not had a chance to respond personally to more.
Will try to do so over the coming weeks.

I note that:
We are talking about the usual suspects = Nash + Ryan.
I appreciate that.

What I had in mind was any suggestions of good fit names we are overlooking?
For example, there is discussion that Radulov may be returning. I know he's RW and we'd prefer left at the moment, but he could be a fit.

Shout out to Fitz on Kosteityn.

Who else, let's think outside the box besides the obvious...

Many thanks.

As to Suter, not expecting he's leaving Nashville for sure. Still that's a good point.
At the risk of offending a handful of you, I would say IF we get Suter, and given the potential upside of our other D, I would consider Girardi our prime trading chip (close, but prefer to keep Staal).

Suter is not the dominant shot of Chara, Weber, etc. but seems to get the job done and would be helpful, especially as to PP.

But we'd need at least 1 other actual sniper, regardless of Parise

Keep it coming, thanks...
Not offended, But IMO I keep Girardi. He's proved himself a beast without Staal. Him and McD were (they're burned out now) great

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