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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
Please explain this. First Robert chooses to make something about Moore v. Nikitin and now you. What the hell?

Moore is 21 years old, in his third year since his draft and first with regular NHL time. He's developed well and you can see in his game that he projects to be prety damn good if he contiinues to progress.

Nikitin has been a pleasant find. He hasn't disappointed at all and I read no complaints with his game besides the occassional pointing out of a mistake - the kind which gets pointed out regardless of the player. He's 25 years old, in his second season in North America and his game is rounding into form. The only big-picture concern I'm seeing regards communication, something you say he's acknowledged. So what's the problem?
The problem exists mainly on these boards. I agree with your statement that Moore developing quiet well. But a lot of people have no doubts that he has to be on the roster next season and questioning Nikitin. Moore isn't NHL ready, as you said he makes mistakes. And a lot of them. But he still gets "up and coming defensive stood" treatment wile he has to be in the AHL polishing his game. He has to improve a lot off things before playing big minutes in the NHL. Nikitin is a better d-man at almost every component of the game, mostly cause he's older, and I was sceptical about his trade... But I permanently see post like this:

Originally Posted by EDM View Post
What I really want to know is how did we avoid screwing up Moore?
Someone has been bashing everyone for 11 years (actually even in this short post he's bashing every player that was drafted by the Jackets) and suddenly thinks that Moore isn't screwed! Seriously? In my opinion Johnny has a long way to go.

In another thread:
Originally Posted by Matt Foley View Post
JJ and Wiz on the PP? Works for me. Maybe it would be best to have them on separate units (Moore and Wiz; JJ and Savard)?
And no one was arguing about that statement! Yeah, Moore on the PP, Nikitin on the 3rd pair. For me that's rediculous.

I was watching the Coyotes game and when Vermette scored on 2 on 1 I was like "WTF, what Moore was doing? Why he's wondering in the neutral zone without the puck wile opposite team scores?!!!". I hoped that someone would admit in the game thread that Johnny makes mistakes and that was the obvious one. But people were blaming everyone but him:
Originally Posted by Gagnefan924 View Post
Great D by Lebda rofl...of course its Vermette.
Originally Posted by Halfboard View Post
Vermy goes high glove side on Mason........go figure.......................
Originally Posted by MFRONE View Post
Lebda didn't even try to break that up
I was amazed how blind the people are in their love to John Moore. That was Lebda, Mason, A.Johnson's (even though he wasn't on the ice) fault. But Johnny can't make no mistakes!
I like the guy myself. Mostly for his potential. But he has to prove his right even to be in the NHL, forget about running the power-play. He can only dream to get to the Nikitin or Tyutin level, and people has ho hesitation pencilling him for thenext year's roster and doubting Nikitin. That's beyond my understanding.

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