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03-18-2012, 05:13 PM
connor macdavid
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I've been to Spain and Portugal many many times.

Barcelona does indeed have a hockey team, and I've watched a few games in their arena (which is situated right next to the Camp Nou, Barcelona's football pitch). I have to say the caliber of hockey was pretty crappy.

Portugal's national team played three games back in 2000, and hasn't taken to the ice since.

Spain's team is more established but still pretty crappy (though they've got a team which competes at the IIHF Junior level). In 2010 they were promoted to Div. 1 of the IIHF World Champ.'s, but in 2011 they were sent back down to Div. 2 after being blown out of the water by the Netherlands (8-2) and Hungary (13-1), but it's also important to note they only lost by two against Italy (2-0), who ended up being promoted out of their division.

Spanish hockey is stuck at a crossroads, they can either wither away with a lack of mainstream athletic interest (as they seem destined to), or fundraise/seek government funding, and make a push to be a consistent division 1 squad.

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