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Originally Posted by bizoncol View Post
I agree with your statement that Moore developing quiet well.
You say this but then you say...

Someone has been bashing everyone for 11 years (actually even in this short post he's bashing every player that was drafted by the Jackets) and suddenly thinks that Moore isn't screwed! Seriously? In my opinion Johnny has a long way to go.
So Moore IS screwed? He's developing as he should be, so far. How you can read anything else into EDM's statement, well, I can't help you. You're looking for something.

But a lot of people have no doubts that he has to be on the roster next season and questioning Nikitin.
Questioning Nikitin how? Everyone I'm reading says he's been good. The only concern I see is - does he have to play with Tyutin because of the language barrier? Because he's having problems with other partners.

Moore isn't NHL ready, as you said he makes mistakes.
Nikitin makes mistakes. JJ makes mistakes. Wiz makes mistakes. Again, you're looking for something and I'm not sure why.

I like the guy myself. Mostly for his potential. But he has to prove his right even to be in the NHL, forget about running the power-play.
Even the post you quoted didn't suggest he should run the power play.

He can only dream to get to the Nikitin or Tyutin level,
This is ridiculous, and I'm not even going to address it.

and people has ho hesitation pencilling him for thenext year's roster and doubting Nikitin. That's beyond my understanding.
Maybe because it's a load of crap? Save for the language concern, I'm not seeing anyone question Nikitin on next year's roster.

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